IEP Seminar


November 22, 2014

3:30 pm - 4:40 pm

2908 Lakeshore Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 329-7684

Public is welcome to this very informative seminar that is chocked full of valuable information that will be life-changing for your and your child.

The Homeschool Classroom is a unique alternative to public and private schools for "tweens" and teens with ADD/ADHD or other special needs as well as those children who do not wish to attend the traditional brick and mortar school setting. Homeschool Classroom offers a full-time program of virtual school curriculum in our AWESOME classroom at 2908 W. Lakeshore Drive in Tallahasee. The classes are open from 7am until 3pm, Monday through Friday. The ratio of instructor to students is 1:6 so that each child gets the attention they need. As the instructor, I have 23 years of nursing experience as well as homeschool teaching experience. We welcome everyone to schedule a tour of the classroom so you can feel secure about sending your child to us as well as referring us to your friends. We hope to speak with you soon, so call us today!

  • Middle/High School Full-Time Program

  • Tutoring for Adults (Hourly)


  • Test Preparation (Hourly)

  • Literacy

  • Home School Companion

  • Education Companion

  • Mentor

 Our techniques are a proven success and you will see improvements right away!

Help your teenager to learn during the tough years of homeschooling.

4 Benefits of Having a Homeschool Education Companion for Your Teenager: A White Paper

  • *What is a Homeschool Companion?

  • *Why Homeschool, Anyway?

  • *What About My Child with Special Needs?

  • *Why Use Virtual Curriculum?

  • *Benefit of Having An Education Companion

  • *Who Do I Choose?

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4 Benefits of Having a Homeschool Education Companion for Your Teenager: A White Paper
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