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In any business, what really matters is not what you do but how you do it. For me it’s about the what, the how and the why because I care about my students and their needs. However, professionalism in delivering homeschooling and tutoring services is always my first priority.  With over 20 years in the world of teaching, I offer both experience and know-how to see you or your child through to academic success.

Take a moment to get to know me and let me know when I can schedule an assessment and first session for you or your child.

  • Elementary/Middle/High School

  • Adults


  • Test Preparation

  • Literacy

  • Home School Companion

  • Education Companion

  • Mentor

 My techniques are a proven success and you will see improvements right away!

Detailed look at how to solve the problems of getting your teenager to learn during the tough years of homeschooling.

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  4 Benefits of Having a Homeschool Education Companion   for Your Teenager: A White Paper!